HAEi Regional Patient Advocate-Sub Sahara Africa, together with the new doctor contact in Rwanda, Dr. Edgar Kalimba from King Faisal Hospital organized the 2nd HAE Doctors Symposium at Kigali, Rwanda to raise more awareness amongst African doctors. It was hosted by King Faisal Hospital in collaboration with HAEi and was well attended by a group of doctors who included pediatricians, doctors of internal medicine and lead dermatologists with whom we held fruitful discussions on ways of pioneering a steering committee in Rwanda. Our speakers included HAEi president, Mr. Anthony Castaldo, who shed more light on differentials in angioedema, Dr. Priya Bowry a well-known allergist from The Allergy Specialist Clinic in Nairobi, who gave an African perspective to diagnosis of HAE, Ms. Patricia, who gave a patient perspective and regional perspective to HAE and Dr. Mugabo an ENT specialist who concluded with a good presentation on how to respond to a severe case of HAE in the emergency room.